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On this page you will find an overview of the most frequently asked questions and answers about MWC 2023 in Seefeld!

Please click on this link to see the waiver for participants at the Masters World Cup 2023 in Seefeld.

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Please contact your National Director to find out about the process to become a member.
Please click here to find out who your national director is.

Please check the MWC website mwc2023.com regularly to be always up to date.

At the Masters World Cup 2023, there will be classic technique zones during the classic races. These zones will be marked and a controller will be in place to monitor adherence to the rules. The final decision is made by the jury on site


310.2 Technique Definitions
310.2.1 The jury may ban or enforce the use of specific techniques on marked sec-tions of the course. All infractions will be reported to the jury.
310.2.2 Classical Technique
310.2.2.1 Classical technique includes the Diagonal Stride techniques, the double pol-ing with or without diagonal kick, herringbone without a gliding phase and turning techniques.
310.2.2.2 Diagonal Stride technique is comprised of alternating diagonal movements of both arms and legs and includes diagonal stride and herringbone tech-niques without a gliding phase. In diagonal technique only one or no pole is in the ground at any time.
310.2.2.3 Turning techniques comprise of steps with the inner ski and pushes with the outer ski in order to change skiing direction. The sections of the course where turning techniques are allowed must be clearly marked.
310.2.2.4 Where there are one or more set tracks, repeatedly changing or stepping in and out of tracks is not allowed.
310.2.2.5 Single or double-skating is not allowed.

Pole lengths will be checked – please refer to the November 2021 FIS Specifications for Competition Equipment – Section C 5.2.

Please consult this chart as well.

“In classical technique competitions, the maximum pole length must not exceed 83% of the competitor’s body height. In free technique competitions, the maximum pole length must not exceed 100% of the competitor’s height. The body height is measured with ski boots on from a flat surface, to the top of the uncovered head. The pole length is measured from the bottom of the pole to the highest attachment of the strap. All measurements will be rounded to the nearest centimetre as follows: less than 0.5 cm will be rounded down and 0.5 cm and above will be rounded up.”


Please click on this link to see Course Maps and Profiles.

Please click on this link to find the MWC 2023 Stadium Map

Swix/Toko is the Masters World Cup 2023 Official Supplier of Waxing Services. Located at the venue,  special waxing cabinets are reserved for Swix/Toko. They will professionally prepare your skis for race and training days. Visit them on the race site and book your ski waxing services.

We have waxing cabinets available for waxing (see venue map). The cabinets are set up with power to facilitate waxing on site, including tables (bring your own ski forms & wax irons). The national director has the keys for the respective waxing cabinets. The waxing cabinets are signposted with national boards at the respective entrance.
Official hotels will also have space set aside for waxing.

With regards to Fluoro Waxes, there are no restrictions at this point as per FIS Tier 1 competitions.
(Please note: Changes possible)
Of course, we would prefer teams not use Fluoro Waxes for health and environmental reasons.

In Seefeld, shuttle buses run at regular intervals from pedestrian locations near the hotel to and from the cross-country stadium. This is the easiest way to get to the venue. The schedule for the shuttle bus will be published here in a timely manner.

Parking at the venue is limited, so we would like to ask you to use the shuttle bus as much as possible. The costs for the shuttle bus are included in the entry fee and therefore free of charge during MWC 2023 – for this please always show your accreditation.

Seefeld is only a two-hour drive from Munich International Airport, three hours from Zurich International Airport and 30 minutes from Innsbruck Airport.

Click here for more information on how to get to Seefeld, car rental options and airport shuttle buses.

Along with your bib, each participant receives a timing chip, this chip is integrated into your bib.
Each participant has to make a deposit of € 25 for the timing chip. When returning the chip in the  race office (after your last competition) the participant will get back the deposit.
If the chip is not returned, the deposit will be retained.

In case of loss of the bib and chip, a replacement can be purchased for a fee of € 25 at the race office.

We invite you to join us for the banquet in the MWC Tent, Friday, March 24th, 6.30 p.m. 
Admission will start 5.30 p.m.  The accreditation is also an admission ticket for the banquet and allows free entry for registered athletes, national directors and officials..

Extra tickets (€ 45) for spouses/partners/guests can be purchased till Tuesday, March 21st, 4.00 p.m. at the info point in the MWC Tent.

Please show your accreditation or entry ticket. (Foto) Please make use of the cloakroom.

No, there is no entry fee for spectators neither on the tracks or the stadium. Also at the opening ceremony and daily award ceremonies are not entry fees. All spectators and guests are welcome.

During the competition days, coffee and cake as well as other drinks can be purchased daily between 10.00 a.m and 05.30 p.m from our caterer DoNs Catering in the MWC Tent. DoNs Catering will also be offering a delicious lunch buffet between 10.30 a.m. and 03.30 p.m.

Access to the MWC Tent and the purchase of food and beverages is free and also available to guests, spectators, etc.

Payment options: Cash or credit card directly to our caterer.

Please note:

– On the rest day, Tuesday 21st March, there will be no catering in the MWC Tent!

– On Friday 24th March, food and drinks can only be purchased until 02:00 p.m., as the tent will then be closed for preparation for the banquet.

A changing tent will be provided for the participants, next to the MWC Tent.
Warm-up clothes should be stowed in the starter bag and handed in and collected at the entrance to the pre-start.
The organizer is not responsible for lost clothes and equipment.

We, the organizing committee of SC Monte Kaolino Hirschau e.V., hereby confirm
that the salt (NaCl) used for the Masters World Cup 2023 in Seefeld / Tyrol to prepare
the cross-country ski trails is harmless and the concentration on tracks is little


The pretzel salt (NaCl) is coarse-grained white salt for sprinkling on pretzels.


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